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Get into the Ckolb adventure


We are an emerging Canadian company manufacturing innovative building block toys.

In 2017 President Yves Bertrand a recognized entrepreneur decided to diversify his activities by expanding into the toy business. He then set up his own toy company specializing in the manufacturing of building block toys. The size and shape of the blocks, the assembly of the parts make these building toys unique. These toy buildings can be connected together or you can create your own custom construction.


We want to deliver the highest quality products possible, so our manufacturing process meets strict quality standards. We have obtained the CPC (Children's Product Certificate) certification by a CPSC recognized laboratory, which ensures that our products comply with the applicable safety rules. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly as we only use fully recyclable ABS plastic and all of our packaging is made of recyclable material. The development, manufacturing and marketing of our products are entirely done in Canada.

Currently, the team is working on new concepts that have the sole purpose of encouraging children to enjoy themselves and to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

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